Our first inquiry for 2013- Relationships (Years 1&2 in Victoria, Australia)

Central idea

People’s relationships with each other can have an impact on wellbeing.

Key concepts

causation, responsibility

Related concepts

Conflict, cooperation, balance, friendship

Lines of inquiry

How we develop relationships

How relationships affect us

Roles and behaviours within relationships

Teacher questions

How do we develop and maintain healthy relationships?

What makes a supportive relationship?

What actions help to build healthy relationships?

What a wonderful inquiry to start our year. Our inquiry lends itself perfectly to learning about being a member of a team. The children have inquired into the different types of relationships and how ttheir relationships and personal well-being are related.

They have explored relationships through literature and have acted, drawn, painted, talked and written about conflict resolution, problems, their responsibility in a relationship, friendship and much more. We have slowly developed our essential agreements for what we want our classroom to ‘look like, feel like and sound like’.

The children have identified people in their life they can share their problems with and are developing into a supportive team.

Examples of learning experiences… Unpacking the Central Idea


Inquiry 1 022

Inquiry 1 028

Inquiry 1 019

Inquiry 1 014

Inquiry 1 038

Inquiry 1 042

school Feb 009

school Feb 015

Cheers Nina


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3 responses to “Our first inquiry for 2013- Relationships (Years 1&2 in Victoria, Australia)

  1. This is like a breath of fresh air. What a powerful theme for inquiry work. I’ve been working with writers on self-advocacy, and we’ve been learning how to approach others and ask for the help we need. I love the idea of having them identify five people to ask specific kinds of help from. I’m glad you are back, Nina!

    • nina davis

      Hi Angela, Have a look at my post- How do I keep my brick wall strong? Great thoughts written independently by young writers. Thinkers Writing as I call it… I’m using the ‘write back’ editing model at the moment.
      Cheers Nina

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