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Self Portraits created by 6, 7 & a few 8 year old children in Australia

Our Visual Arts program is valued by our community. The array of creative experiences our students receive is wonderful. It’s fairly obvious when looking at my blog that I believe providing many opportunities for children to create is essential in a balanced teaching program.

I really enjoy seeing what my students are doing in Visual Arts and this week I decided to share their creations with my readers.

Self Portraits

Step 1: Children are photographed.

Step 2: Children put a tracing sheet on their photo and trace their features using a black pen.

Step 3: Children put a sheet over their traced portrait and use artist charcoal to trace their portrait. Smudging techniques are used to create shadows and highlight facial features.

Visual Arts 2013 001

Visual Arts 2013 002

Visual Arts 2013 003 Visual Arts 2013 005

These are very young artists!

Cheers Nina

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