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ANZAC DAY 2013 – Visualizing: An Important Comprehension Strategy (6,7&8 Year Olds)

Creating pictures in your head is part of reading enjoyment and an important comprehension skill. Planning opportunities for children to make mental images will deepen their comprehension. Practice is crucial for visualising to become an automatic process. Text: The Red Poppy by David Hill 9781869439989 The children completed a visualization activity based on The Red Poppy by David Hill as part of our ANZAC focus. They were asked to visualize part of the story, draw it and write a description. A poppy was made earlier and attached.

ANZAC & Sydney 043

ANZAC & Sydney 040

Sheet publisher- Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Text: In Flanders Feilds by Norman Jorgenson and Brian Harrison-Leaver

The children have  been learning about the structure of a narrative in preparation for writing their own.


ANZAC & Sydney 047

ANZAC & Sydney 049

Sheet Publisher- Cara Carroll 2012

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Perspective… A great example!


The understanding that knowledge is not constructed only from the perspective of a particular discipline, individual or group.


This idea was selected because of the compelling need to develop in our students the disposition towards rejecting simplistic, biased interpretations, towards seeking and considering the points of view of others and towards developing defensible interpretations.

IB – Making the PYP Happen 2000

(Photo – The Freethinkers Club)

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Wicked Conversations that drive Alignment and Innovation – Steve Vamos

Lots to think about…

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How do I keep my brick wall strong?

The first term of 2013 finished last week coinciding with Easter and it’s time to reflect on my year so far. This year I’m teaching a junior grade made up of grades 1 and 2. After a number of years teaching a Prep grade, following on with a junior grade was a logical move for me as an educator. Having said this, I’ve been around long enough to have taught all levels of primary education a number of times.

Time changes best practice and I’m working with a colleague where I’m definitely the learner. The teaching of maths is my personal focus this year. Last week, I was able to be a part of one of my colleague’s math sessions, and as I love being in the ‘learner’s seat’, it was enlightening. I have so many questions!

Each year I find something to inspire my personal professional development. It doesn’t always mean attending out-sourced costly professional development. I have the mentor in my own work place!

Personalising Learning: My favourite words – I need help or I don’t understand….

Setting the scene: I want my students to understand that being a learner is about taking risks… Recently, we discussed brick walls.

Learning Walls and Personal Walls

Analogy: Our learning is just like a brick wall. What happens if some of the bricks are missing or not placed properly? What makes a wall strong?

They knew instantly! The beauty of this analogy is the children know you can take out wobbly bricks, position the brick again and make a strong wall. You just have to know which bricks are wobbly. That’s why pre-assessing knowledge and sharing results with children is important. They also explored their personal school/ learning wall and how to keep this wall strong. It was a great topic for the children to write about. How can I keep my brick wall strong?

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