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Self Portraits created by 6, 7 & a few 8 year old children in Australia

Our Visual Arts program is valued by our community. The array of creative experiences our students receive is wonderful. It’s fairly obvious when looking at my blog that I believe providing many opportunities for children to create is essential in a balanced teaching program.

I really enjoy seeing what my students are doing in Visual Arts and this week I decided to share their creations with my readers.

Self Portraits

Step 1: Children are photographed.

Step 2: Children put a tracing sheet on their photo and trace their features using a black pen.

Step 3: Children put a sheet over their traced portrait and use artist charcoal to trace their portrait. Smudging techniques are used to create shadows and highlight facial features.

Visual Arts 2013 001

Visual Arts 2013 002

Visual Arts 2013 003 Visual Arts 2013 005

These are very young artists!

Cheers Nina

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Our first inquiry for 2013- Relationships (Years 1&2 in Victoria, Australia)

Central idea

People’s relationships with each other can have an impact on wellbeing.

Key concepts

causation, responsibility

Related concepts

Conflict, cooperation, balance, friendship

Lines of inquiry

How we develop relationships

How relationships affect us

Roles and behaviours within relationships

Teacher questions

How do we develop and maintain healthy relationships?

What makes a supportive relationship?

What actions help to build healthy relationships?

What a wonderful inquiry to start our year. Our inquiry lends itself perfectly to learning about being a member of a team. The children have inquired into the different types of relationships and how ttheir relationships and personal well-being are related.

They have explored relationships through literature and have acted, drawn, painted, talked and written about conflict resolution, problems, their responsibility in a relationship, friendship and much more. We have slowly developed our essential agreements for what we want our classroom to ‘look like, feel like and sound like’.

The children have identified people in their life they can share their problems with and are developing into a supportive team.

Examples of learning experiences… Unpacking the Central Idea


Inquiry 1 022

Inquiry 1 028

Inquiry 1 019

Inquiry 1 014

Inquiry 1 038

Inquiry 1 042

school Feb 009

school Feb 015

Cheers Nina


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Teachers have a wealth of transferrable skills which can be applied in other industries….

Before I start writing about teaching and learning in a year 1/2 class, I’d like to share some aspects of my summer holiday. Teachers have many skills that transfer into other work fields and until we have an opportunity to do something different, we don’t necessarily realize this.
My holiday included supporting two Australian companies at Messe Frankfurt Heimtextil 2013.

OS January 2013 027Final Report Heimtextil 2013  Heimtextil 2013 kicks off the new trade-fair year to a great start with 2,658 exhibitors from 62 countries and 66,000 visitors  Increased level of internationality on the visitor side: 67 percent of trade buyers came from outside Germany  Messe Frankfurt to expand portfolio of events with the launch of Heimtextil India in June 2014 With 2,658 exhibitors from 62 countries (2012: 2,601*) and growth for the third year running, Heimtextil 2013 represented not only a successful start to the new furnishing season but also to the new trade-fair year. Around 66,000 visitors from 128 countries (2012: 67,451[1]) came to the trade fair in Frankfurt, which closes its doors today. “Heimtextil has once again underscored its preeminent position as the world’s leading trade fair for home and contract textiles”, said Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt. “The fair also succeeded in maintaining the number of visitors at an almost constant level despite the difficult economic climate prevailing at present.”

Few Australian companies exhibit at the Messe Frankfurt thus it’s a credit to these companies that they are able to exhibit at this level. I enjoyed the experience immensely and met numerous people from around the globe and was also able to view the best of Europe in home textile. Companies: Kelly and Windsor & Creswick Woollen Mills : Australian Made
Next stop: St Anton – AUSTRIA
I’ve written a number of times about my passion for skiing and St Anton am Arlberg is amazing. Skiing in Austria is something skiers dream about. Mega runs, amazing snow, restaurants dotted everywhere, an efficient lift system and beautiful views everywhere. I’ve chosen a few photos of my many to share here. I’d like to thank the Raimund Sattler family of Hotel Grischuna for their wonderful hospitality and cuisine.OS January 2013 194

OS January 2013 047

Next stop Ischgl and I was not disappointed. Wow! Once again the accommodation was incredible. Hotel Trofana in the heart of Ischgl offers everything.- luxury at an affordable price… Once again the skiing was mind-blowing on the ‘groomers’ or off, and the walking travelator from the slope to the village was something I’ve only seen at airports. Yes, at the end of an exhausting day skiing this was something I loved. And skiing into Switzerland for some duty-free at Samnaun was another highlight.

I could keep going here, but I think everyone reading my post would understand that skiing in Europe was in my Top 10 list and remains there.

Now back to teaching and learning….

Cheers Nina

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