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100 000 Hits… that’s alot for a little blog! So what have my Preps (5 & 6 Year Olds) been doing this term?

I  haven’t posted for a while, but have finally found a spare hour to write about what we’ve been doing  in PrepD. My students are delightful, full of energy, great talkers and sharers. Learning is fun and they’re able to talk about what they know, what they are learning and what they will be learning next. I’ve provided a link below to the Optimal Learning Chart which was included in the Edmonds School District – A Balanced Literacy Program document.  The chart is explained below:

Optimal Learning Model (Gradually Releasing Responsibility): Regie Routman coined the term Optimal Learning Model in her book Reading Essentials. It refers to the gradual handover of responsibility from teacher to student as literacy is taught. Beginning with demonstration and shared demonstration, the teacher models reading/writing skills and strategies, leading and explaining to the learner. Next the learner gradually takes responsibility for his learning, practicing these skills strategies with the teacher stepping into a guiding role. The ultimate goal is for the student to independently practice the skills and strategies, to self –monitor and to apply his learning as the teacher observes. Edmonds School District 2004

Optimal Learning Chart

 PrepD Partner Writing:

Prep D Journal Writing:

Using lines for the first time… exciting! My Preps love writing and most have started using a heading/title, content and personal comment at the end of their journal. I’ve been using the PM Writing exemplars for focus minilessons. Using WALT – We are learning to… and WILF – What I’m looking for… to scaffold their writing is working well. These students are young and very new writers and are starting to develop their ideas and ‘have a go’ at writing challenging words.


The last sentence of the above journal says, ‘I felt excited.’ Well, I felt excited when I read that too! What a great attempt at spelling excited.

Just a quick post. Thanks for visiting, sending me emails and commenting. Next Post: Using literature to support teaching mathematics.

Cheers Nina


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