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Nina Davis: Teaching & Learning in Australia

I’ve decided to map the writing development of one child in my class for a year. It’s interesting to look back and see the learning leaps made throughout the year.  What moved this child forward? What made this child’s writing accelerate or slow down? Take a look and see if you agree with my comments. The children have been looking through their books and are amazed at what they now know. I’ve said many times in my blog- Language Experience, Interactive Writing: teacher and student led combined with a clear explicit planned teaching focus have made the difference.

I’ve briefly annotated this child’s journey below.

Below: This is the first piece of writing and what a great place to for this student to start. This child has begun to draw some  shapes and was able to talk about the picture. This is imitating writing. There are what looks like some strings of letters and a picture which isn’t shown…

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Nina Davis: Teaching & Learning in Australia

Love this explanation of leadership and think all educators should view it. What does  ‘we’re all leaders’ mean? How does a leader bring about change?

This gives us all something to think about. What do you think?

Cheers Nina

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