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A different kind of post! Morning Of The Earth – the movie turns 40.

Last weekend I went to the Drive In (we have a few left in Australia) to see the film Morning Of The Earth with the sound track performed live.

What was the surfing scene like 40 years ago? Surfers did not have to wear leg ropes. Michael Peterson was the current Australian champion and Bali took off as a surf destination for many surfers. Let’s go back!

Morning of the Earth LIVE will bring together a veritable who’s who of Australia’s musicians to breathe new life into this classic soundtrack. Featuring Brian Cadd, Mike Rudd, Lior, and more.

Albe Falzon said; “Morning of the Earth has stood the test of time and perhaps is more important today in view of the increased number of people on the planet and the demands they are having on its resources and eco systems. We need more than ever to be reminded of this fragile system we have inherited and to a certain extent Morning of the Earth is a reminder that we are all truly responsible for our decisions and actions. It is important that we individually and collectively embody those qualities that will ensure that we live a sustainable life, not one based on over production and over consumption but one based on sensitivity to all life and on all levels on this Earth. Morning of the Earth reflects in a simple way how we can endure and sustain and enjoy our life here and leave a small footprint and a better world in our passing.”  (Press Release)

My favourite song and what a night!

And this one too….

Cheers Nina

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Nina Davis: Teaching & Learning in Australia

Respect:  What is it? How do we show it? Why do we need it? When do we use it? We have been looking at our school attitudes. One of our attitudes is respect and today we started unpacking what it is and how we show respect in our actions. We’ve talked about respect many times and used the word many times but we haven’t focussed on it specifically. The children worked in small groups to converse, collaborate and record their collective thoughts. Large sheets and textas were provided for the children to record ideas. Large sheets allow young children to have room to stand and work together.

After the groups were given time to brainstorm and record, each group shared their ideas with the class. Ideas were then noted as a class mind map. This helps the children organise their thoughts so they can clearly see how their ideas connect to each other. We then matched…

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