Sometimes, we’ve just got to have fun! Christmas Prep (5&6 Year Olds) Activities 2011…. A little bit late!

December is hectic in Australian schools. Christmas activities start on the first of December and are linked to the curriculum. My Preps are ready to move on to the next year level with all assessments completed. Christmas craft is something we all enjoy.

Our first activity is the class advent calendar. The children paper fold little pouches and these are numbered. Each day a child is selected to pull a name out of a jar.  The child who has their name taken out removes a card from the date pouch, writes their name on the back of the Christmas tag and places it on our Christmas tree. They love this activity.

The Advent Calendar Christmas Tree.

Our snowman …. and so cute. These are easily constructed by this age group. It’s summer in Australia and the children understand this.These were made by the children as part of their Visual arts program. Our Visual Art’s teacher provides our students with an exceptional program.

The ‘please stop here’ Santa sign which will be put into the front lawns of my student’s homes.

Our Christamas stars – beautiful!

Reindeer Candy Canes: A striped square is colored and rolled corner to corner. A nose and eyes are glued on with a Christmas pipe-cleaner twisted and bent into reindeer antlers.

Our Christmas bags: Each child has a large Christmas bag to put their decorations in and for safe transport home. Each side is decorated. The little stars are punched out using Christmas hole punches.

The Christmas tree cut out: The children stick patterned  paper on the back of their trees which become baubles and a painted gold star is added to the top.

Painted gold wooden decorations, rainbow florist wire hangers and a jewel.

These Christmas trees and Santas were made by children in our 3/4 buddy grade. The detail and construction is amazing.


The bag, packed and ready to go home!

Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “Sometimes, we’ve just got to have fun! Christmas Prep (5&6 Year Olds) Activities 2011…. A little bit late!

  1. happyhooligans

    I love the crafts that your class made at Christmas! If it’s ok, I’d love to pin some of your ideas to do with the Hooligans next year! All of your ideas are beautiful, but I think my favourites are the Stop Here Santa signs (I Love them!), and your simple gold wood ornaments with the single jewel.
    Love the idea of them taking them all home in the special bag too!

    • nina davis

      The Santa Stop Signs were gorgeous. I love the plasta ornaments and very cheap because I make them. And yes, feel free to pin any ideas. I’ll be visiting your site. So many wonderful ideas…. and I love the simple cooking activities.
      Cheers Nina

  2. Nina,
    It’s January your on holidays and I’m getting emails from your blog. Guilty your honour as well as its catch up time (as well as reflection time) and as you rightly pointed out December is so frantic. I’m replying from Pt Leo this year. Enjoyed the photos have a great break and see you in 2012.

    • nina davis

      Hi Mark,
      Point Leo is always great at this time of the year. Not today though! It’s cold and wet…. Didn’t spend much time in my blog during November and December, just too busy, and I can only imagine how busy you were.
      A prins’ job is ridiculously busy, so many decisions to make. I often wonder if the general community realise this.
      2012 will be busy as I’ve taken on a Leading Teacher role. It’s time! Last child finished VCE, so I’ll be able to give the role the time it will need. I’m looking forward to the challenge and was doing the main parts of the role in 2011. Great to get my CV up to date, and do an interview.
      I’ve been doing a little research for my role and will post something about it and glad you enjoyed the Xmas activities post. A nice ‘fluffy’ piece….
      Enjoy your break as it’s going to be another BIG year & I’ve been reading your blog too. Jenni and I have managed to keep the remainder of our TPL days to use this year as well! We’re creative….
      Cheers Nina

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