Week 10- Last week of Term 1: We’re writers! Independent Journal Recount

The first term has finished for this wonderful group of eager, and engaged young learners. I still can’t believe how quickly this time has gone. The Australian school year has four terms, with approximately ten weeks in each term. It was lovely to  hear  a number of my students say they didn’t want holidays, and were disappointed there was no school next week.

Starting school for these very young people is ‘huge’, and I need to remind myself of this. Dealing with new situations is taxing for all, add this to establishing new routines, familiarizing themselves in a new environment, being independent and mixing with many new children, and adults. Add learning into this mix, and we can all see why they actually do need ‘time out’ for a break.

This post displays a range of writing from my grade. I’m very proud of their achievements, and will spend some time mapping ‘where to next’.

 To my Australian colleagues, I hope you enjoy your holidays.

Cheers Nina  :)0I0=;  What do you think of my new tag?


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3 responses to “Week 10- Last week of Term 1: We’re writers! Independent Journal Recount

  1. Thanks for your detailed response!

  2. Hi Nina
    Thanks for showing such great samples of your work.
    I noticed you don’t use any lines for your little ones when they are doing their jounals, yet I have a co-ordinator who insists that little children should use them. When I do work in Yeak K during journal time we draw lines accross the page.
    We have recenly ordered special journal books with lines in them.
    I was wondering how your kids manage without the lines and when do you start introducing them.

    • nina davis

      Great question! Some of the other teachers do rule lines. I’ve found that lines at the very beginning of the year actually get in the way. I want my students to focus on composition and construction. I also don’t finish books, and will introduce a simple lined book early in the next term. At the end of 2nd term, I’ll introduce ‘dotted thirds’ which are very tricky at first.
      I’m already seeing the construction of taught letters (handwriting construction) tranferring into my student’s writing.
      These examples already show they are starting to understand the role of capital and lower case letters. I think using an inquiry process for all new concepts develops a far deeper understanding. I’ll start term two with a question: Why do books have lines? How do lines help us when writing? They can then explore samples of work , and tell me. Then we’ll try. Some will manage, and others will just write on the page.
      There’s no right or wrong answer, I just do what I’ve found works better for me. Thanks for the comment.
      Cheers Nina

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