Instructional Rounds and me – Teacher Professional Leave: 2010 -2011.

This week I’ll be part of an Instructional Round taking place in a secondary school. To prepare,  I’ve been revisiting my reflections from last year.  In 2010, my Teacher Professional Leave (TPL) partner and I were part of the Southern Metropolitan Region Instructional Rounds Pilot. Move forward one year, and it’s interesting to note that my blog stats record Instructional Rounds as a common search topic. This was not the case a year ago.

To support Instructional Rounds, my TPL partner and I created the following videos. If you haven’t seen them, please take a look.

The following video is not for general viewing on YouTube, but you can view by clicking the following link. This is a photostory of the SMR Instructional Rounds Pilot. It’s already been viewed 361 times which is considerable considering it can only be viewed via the link.


Cheers Nina


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2 responses to “Instructional Rounds and me – Teacher Professional Leave: 2010 -2011.

  1. nina davis

    Hi Casey,
    Thanks for the great feedback. I’ve just been to the Intrepica site. I’ll join and have a play. So I can’t make a comment yet. I’m a big user of exemplars and ‘deconstruction’ inquiry. Thanks for commenting and I’ll get back to you.
    Cheers Nina

  2. Hi Nina, I lOVE LOVE LOVE this site, its amazing. I was just wondering if you have tried the new “Intrepica” software, it maps the new National Curriculum its a literacy tool – grammar spelling, reading etc heard a lot of really good schools are using it now like Newington. I wanted to know what you think, do you use it for your kids?

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