A Day Out with the Big Kids: Instructional Rounds

I spent today with a large group of principals brought together to learn about Instructional Rounds. One of my Preps told me their ‘head was full’ earlier this year and today I can relate to this comment… It was a real privilege to be able to be a part of this group and I say this in jest… ‘to listen to secret Principal business’.

I was really delighted to listen to the reflections, which often came back to understanding and respecting a classroom teacher’s feelings about being observed. One participant said to me, ‘I haven’t forgotten about when I was in a classroom’.

What do you know about Instructional Rounds?

This is a very quick post to draw your attention to a ‘ning’ we set up to collaborate and discuss Instructional Rounds and the E5 Instructional Model. My colleague and I are committed to sharing our journey with all and removing any fear educators have about this model. If you would like to learn more about Instructional Rounds and the E5 Instructional Model and follow our journey, here is the link.


You are most welcome to join. At present, the ‘ning’ is not private, but this may change in the future. I must say thank you to the presenters Terry and Mark for a terrific day!

Cheers Nina

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  1. jennylu

    You’re doing a great job sharing your learning with others Nina. Thanks for helping us all to learn. : )

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