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Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom by Alan November

I’m becoming a fan of Alan November and I’m enjoying listening to his thoughts on education. The video I would like you to watch won’t upload here, but if you follow this link to http://instructionalroundsineducation.ning.com/ and look in the video section you’ll be able to listen to Alan November discuss the ‘Myths and Opportuinities’ of technology in the classroom. I recommend it!

I noted these ideas as I watched the video:  Global- Fearlessness, Authentic Conversations, Engage, Teacher Role Change, Guidance, Contributor, Community, Student Led, Shifting Control, Interdisciplinary, School Design, Critical Thinking, Critical Skills, Reflection, WALT & WILF, Life Long Learning, Collaboration, Research, Communicator, Industrial Model / Collaborator Model:  Big themes of ‘Best Practice’?  Have I missed any?

Cheers Nina

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