34 Days of Formal Education for these ‘Aussie’ 4 to (just turned) 6 Year Olds. We’re writers & readers.

I was asked by a regular visitor to my blog if I would post weekly writing samples and it’s amazing how a student’s writing can show growth in one week. That’s one of the exciting rewards of teaching very young students.

Another week has passed and the end of the first term for my Preps has arrived. I spent last week reviewing their writing and listening to reading. These young readers and writers are great ‘risk takers’. They need to be ‘risk takers’ with their learning and also need to know that this is  a valued behaviour. Listening to Sir Ken Robinson has once again stressed how important this is.  Visit our Teacher Professional Leave  ‘ning’ – we’ve uploaded some great videos, join the ‘ning’ and share with us or just learn what we are learning. 

Next term, I intend to post more about reading and the different strategies that I’m going to trial and build upon. I’ve been able to access some new ideas and have had some great resources shared with me. I’m a learner here and a ‘risk taker’.

I’ve included samples displaying the range of growth in my class. This is independent writing.  Student Led Interactive Writing, Journal Writing and Inquiry Reflections are planned weekly. Guided Writing and Teacher Led Interactive Writing will be introduced early next term. We also have free writing time. My students  love making little books and are trying to write stories. It’s  a natural process for these children. Their understanding of ‘book language’ is developing and they are using this knowledge to support their writing. My tips- I read to my students everyday, we read our Language Experience Wall, we write everyday, we share reading big books and we share our learning.

Cheers Nina

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