7 Weeks of Formal Education in Australia- 4, 5 & 6 Year Old’s Writing Development Snapshot!

This week was the Prep’s first full week at school in their first formal year of education. Every now and again, I’ve got to ‘step back’ and remember their age. I have very high expectations and need to let them ‘smell the flowers’ sometimes. Today they spent part of the day just doing that. They are really creative little people and love drawing, making and decorating paper planes, using the construction materials and dancing. I love seeing the children play families with the doll’s house and listening to their conversations. They need more of this… I sometimes need to slow down and let them give their ‘brains a rest’. When a child tells you ‘their head is full’, you need to change plans.

I’ve decided to post a weekly snapshot of writing in response to a request, which displays the range of writing and development for both Interactive Writing and Independent Writing. The first samples are pieces of writing from their new Inquiry Reflection Journals. We’ve just finished our first inquiry and have been discussing what we have discovered. I’ve explained to them that they need to draw a border each time they record their reflections in this journal. The notion of a border was introduced to our staff by Lane Clark. She explained that when children design and write within a border they have a greater chance of remembering what they have written. The children now have a Journal and an Inquiry Reflection Journal. Our first inquiry is outlined below:


Central Idea: Personal awareness and perspective of others helps develop self-identity

The children have discovered that we’re all different, our families are different, we look different and we like different things. We have been celebrating the fact that we are all different because as one child said, ‘it would be a very boring if we were the same’. The children recorded some of the things they like and we’ll be sharing these next week.

Inquiry Journal – Week 7


Interactive Writing – Week 7

The sentences these children are brainstorming as a class are challenging and this has been a bit tricky. All groups are composing the same class sentence at present which is related to shared experience.  Some of the words they are trying to spell are difficult, however, I’m always impressed by their attempts. Their sentence is, ‘When people are hurt we go to a teacher.’


Next week is the last week of term 1. I can’t believe that it’s holidays already, but I won’t complain!

Cheers Nina


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2 responses to “7 Weeks of Formal Education in Australia- 4, 5 & 6 Year Old’s Writing Development Snapshot!

  1. averil2

    Hi Henrietta,
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I’ve been visiting your blog as well. I seem to always be writing about Interactive Writing. This is a great strategy for senoirs as well. It’s being used really well in some senior grades at my school.
    Cheers Nina

  2. Another must read post for all infants teachers. Thanks for sharing Nina

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