Preps (5&6 Year Olds) can reflect upon their learning: Toys designed by Preps!

As part of our inquiry ‘Toy Story’, the children have been designing and making their own toys. To support this we have been teaching the Primary Science ‘On the Move’ unit. The children have learnt about how toys move and what makes them move.

To celebrate their success and to give our students the opportunity to share their understanding with others, the Preps held their own Toy Expo this week. Parents and students were invited to question and admire the designs and toys. Visitors were requested to bring a gold coin donation with the money collected being given to the Salvation Army. The children raised $ 214 which is fantastic. When I told my students how much the Preps collected, there were gasps! One child said he’d never seen so much money!

Our Toy Drive has been equally successful with four huge boxes filled to capacity with all sorts of toys. My school is part of a very special and giving community.

Once the children had finished their toy and design brief they were asked to reflect and write about their toy. I also completed a teacher reflection which they were very keen to read. I was very pleased with their reflections. Have a look at the photos below!











The children have loved this inquiry and have realised that they can make a difference in the lives of others through Service Learning.

Cheers Nina

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