My Prep and Buddy Grade: Thinking about our new garden!

Last year my Preps had buddies in a 3/4 grade, and this  program will be continuing for my new Preps this year. The younger children welcome having an older child in the yard who is there to ‘drop in’ and check they’re enjoying their play time. This didn’t need to be structured by my buddy grade teacher or I, as the older children take on this role, after discussions with their teacher about the important role they have as a Prep buddy.

Our garden has been an important part of the buddy program. We grew vegetables throughout 2011 and when ready the children picked the produce for a food preparation – cooking activity.

Our last garden activity was during the last week of term. Each child made their own salad sandwich. Not pretty, but they loved making them. It amazed me that young children who often reject salad loved making their sandwich and ate everything. N.B Some of my 5 & 6 year olds had never made a sandwich! I think they will now….


Cheers Nina

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