Christmas Activity: Now these are cute! A series of quick posts….

My Preps ( 5 & 6 year olds) have nearly completed their first formal year of education in Australia. It’s amazing to watch their development throughout the year. I’m writing a series of quick posts because it’s report writing time. Busy!

Our Visual Arts program is special. My preps are making a number of Christmas decorations in the Art Room with our specialist teacher, and in the classroom with me. Yesterday we set up our  christmas tree which we will decorate during the next few weeks with our class made decorations.

The older children are making tin soldiers. How cute are these? Our school Visual Arts’ teachers make a Christmas window each year. All year levels in the school are making decorations based on a Christmas story for the display. For my international readers Myers in Melbourne have a Christmas window each year and ours is just as good.

Cheers Nina

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