Inquiry: Toy Story – Making & Doing: Our puppets and toys!

Hand Puppets

A Climbing Spider

Clowns: How cute are these?

Cheers Nina


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3 responses to “Inquiry: Toy Story – Making & Doing: Our puppets and toys!

  1. Eugenie

    Thanks for answering 😀 ! I know your nephew’s school and it has a very good reputation in Paris. I am indeed thinking about an international experience and would love to go to Australia :). I already visited and I thought it’s a beautiful country. I have to finish my studies first, it’s very hard to get the primary school teacher degree in France since we have to be admitted at the national examination for teacher after the master’s degree. Only 18% are admitted, it’s very difficult!
    Anyways I hope to come to Australia one day and maybe have a teaching experience there.
    Have a great school year, I know it’s not the summer yet for you.
    Also congrats on the blog, keep writing, I will follow it, I think it’s very interesting.
    Best wishes,

  2. nina davis

    Hi Eugenie,
    When I was in Paris a couple of years ago I visited my nephew’s school – EaB International – The Victor Hugo School which is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. My school is an IB school in Australia. The curriculum and approach at the EaB Paris is inquiry based as well. Having talked to teachers from regional France they have felt the same way as you. My students do amazingly well against our accountability standards and we still have time for structured and unstructured play – very important for young children.Thank you for commenting and it always amazes me how global my blog is! When you’re qualified you should look at working internationally for the experience. Hope you’re enjoying Summer!
    Cheers Nina

  3. Eugenie

    Hi Nina,
    Your blog is so inspiring and cool to read! I am a student teacher in France and I really love looking at your blog because it gives me great insight on how classrooms are organized in Australia! It’s very different from France, in France it’s too rigid in my opinion and kids do not seem to have fun while learning as they do in your class. Thanks for sharing, it makes me want to improve the classroom experience in my country :D.
    Congrats to all your students for their beautiful writing 🙂

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