Connecting, Collaborating – building supportive, professional relationships on the net!

Today,  my Teacher Professional Leave  partner Jenni and I were invited to a Dr. Richard Elmore workshop on Instructional Rounds. This was absolutely fabulous and Jenni and I will post about the workshop in the Instructional Rounds ning soon, but it’s not why I’m writing this post. Today reaffirmed why I blog, ning and Twitter… and now Ultranet-ing. There is no doubt in my mind that these are great places to develop professional relationships. Someone said to me recently that you can’t build professional relationships on the net. I disagree!

Today Jenni and I were sitting having lunch with Dr. Richard Elmore (I’ll drop that one in) when we saw this principal. I was sure it was Mark Walker, a principal who has been a wonderful supporter of the Instructional Rounds ning. He saw us… and the connection was made. I was amazed by the instant familiarity Jenni and I had with Mark. Having read Mark’s blog, wiki and collaborated within the Instructional Rounds ning there was sense of already knowing him. It was great to meet up with Mark, and reaffirmed why I connect with educators in Australia and globally (many whom I will never meet), to share and collaborate with.

To Mark, it was great to finally meet you and we really appreciate your support!

Cheers Nina (and Jenni)

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