My Preps are ‘rocking on’. Last journal for semester 1- Week 19 of formal education in Aus: 5 & 6 Year Olds – We’re Celebrating!

We’re celebrating our journey this week. Tomorrow, we have our 3 Way Conferences and my students will be explaining their learning to their parents. This week, many of my students had another learning leap and this is evidenced in their independent writing. Their portfolios are ready to show and it amazes them how much they know.

 The ‘freebie’ word was Saturday. My students are using Saturday and Sunday as a sequencing structure  for their journals at present. I intend to introduce simple pre-planning scaffolds to help them structure their writing early next term. Have a look at the commas in sample 3 – love that ‘have a go’ attitude of my preps. We’ve been looking at commas when reading, and my students have been finding out what they do.  I’m now seeing commas being used in their writing without prompting.

Cheers Nina

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