Using Interactive Writing as a Scaffolding Strategy.

Interactive Writing student led is a time I use to roam, listen to conversations and question understandings. Today I was able to question individuals and groups about the strategies they were using to compose their text. Their feedback was enlightening and I was surprised by how well they articulated what they were doing, their strategies for spelling words, their collective knowledge of punctuation and composition. I’m always looking for the transfer of explicit teaching. I love that the first sample has includes questions written and answered by the children.  It also shows an attempt by a student to write carbon dioxide ( spelt cuben-diyokside by the student) and take a look at ‘sensational’. The children have to compose the text, work in groups, prompt but not answer and accept each others attempts. Tomorrow each group will review their writing and make corrections after completing an editing checklist. They will then read and share their writing with the grade. All texts will be typed for the children to read and illustrate.

Cheers Nina The names of the students are written down the side. The children write in the order of their name and use their own specific color. This allows me to track an individual’s development. This is the only time I allow the children to write in texta – and they love it!

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