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If I were wearing her shoes now… my 4th Year Intern is employed!

I am posting this news, because I’m just so thrilled for Jacinta Matheson, my 4th Year Intern for ‘putting her hat in the ring’ and being a successful applicant for a teaching position. Jacinta will start her first teaching job at a school not too far away from mine in 2010.


Jacinta has been outstanding in every way and has featured in this blog numerous times. It has been such a pleasure working with her this year. This has been a relationship where learner and mentor have learnt together. I feel a bit like a mother bird here, but Jacinta is more than ready to leave the nest and fly on her own, infact I think she’ll soar.

My advice to Jacinta has been the same advice I’ve given to my Preps. That is, grab every opportunity you can, be a part of everything, contribute and learn. I’ve also given advice that I haven’t shared with my Preps and that is don’t make the mistakes I have. Jacinta has the capabilities and personality traits needed to be a school leader in the future. She may not want this for sometime, but it will happen…and I may have to go crawling to Jacinta for a job one day, so Jacinta when you read this, remember to be kind!

Cheers Nina

P.S I still expect you to read my blog next year. Ha!


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