If I were wearing her shoes now… my 4th Year Intern is employed!

I am posting this news, because I’m just so thrilled for Jacinta Matheson, my 4th Year Intern for ‘putting her hat in the ring’ and being a successful applicant for a teaching position. Jacinta will start her first teaching job at a school not too far away from mine in 2010.


Jacinta has been outstanding in every way and has featured in this blog numerous times. It has been such a pleasure working with her this year. This has been a relationship where learner and mentor have learnt together. I feel a bit like a mother bird here, but Jacinta is more than ready to leave the nest and fly on her own, infact I think she’ll soar.

My advice to Jacinta has been the same advice I’ve given to my Preps. That is, grab every opportunity you can, be a part of everything, contribute and learn. I’ve also given advice that I haven’t shared with my Preps and that is don’t make the mistakes I have. Jacinta has the capabilities and personality traits needed to be a school leader in the future. She may not want this for sometime, but it will happen…and I may have to go crawling to Jacinta for a job one day, so Jacinta when you read this, remember to be kind!

Cheers Nina

P.S I still expect you to read my blog next year. Ha!


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2 responses to “If I were wearing her shoes now… my 4th Year Intern is employed!

  1. Jacinta M

    Thanks Nina! I have learnt so much this year and have had an absolute blast. Our collaborative learning has nowhere near finished – I am just up the road! I feel so much more confident now about heading out on my own now after being a part of your classroom – what a mentor! It is so fantastic that what I have been able to learn from you, many others have too thanks to this blog. I will absolutely continue my readership!
    Good luck to all other interns in their quest for a job and their brand new jobs next year!
    P.S. Not sure at all about that photo!

    • averil2

      Ha, ha! I like the photo because I remember when it was taken-one of those funny moments… Congratulations once again! You’ll have many mentors during the years to come. Choose those with passion for the classroom, curriculum and kids because the bottom line is that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about relationships. Nina

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