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15 000 plus visits: Who’d have thought anyone would be interested in what I’ve got to say!

My previous post was about my journey this year into Web 2.0. It was also posted the same day I reached that magic 15000 visits to my blog. I think this evidences that people are interested in what happens in classrooms around the world, and in their own backyard.  Thanks for visiting!  Stats: 116 posts & 155 comments!

Cheers Nina

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A Teacher’s Journey Into A New Universe: Web 2.0

Mentor: Jenny Luca  

Focus/Goal Current practiceWhat do I know? Area for improvementWhat do I want to find out? InquiryHow will I find out? ActionWho, What, When, Where ResultHow will I know when I get there?
Web 2.0Creating and joining 3 PLN to support my Web 2.0 journey Very little How to establish a network where sharing of knowledge and resources is a key driver. Connect with educators globally. Mentor Discussions with mentor. When 3 PLNs are established.Educators PLNTwitter PLNWT2MAD PLNVarious Wikis/Networks
Using a wiki to support teaching and learning Very little How to create a wiki, contribute to other wikis. Mentor & PLNs Set lesson with mentor Established a wiki & contributed to other wikis.
Understanding Blogs Nil – Have read other educators blogs regularly. How to setup a blog and manage a dashboard and all widgets etc… Mentor & support from established PLNs. Set meetings with mentor. Established a blog using WordPress. Regular readership/ RSSFeeds & emails-comments. Easily manage Dashboard.
Using Social Media to support classroom practice.  Twitter , Nings  Very little. How social media can be used in schools PLNs & Mentor Mentor & experimentingPLN support. I understand and can use social media to support my teaching practice. Twitter network & membership of 2 Nings
Use Web 2.0 to research best literacy practice.Look at overseas coaching practice – teaching and learning New York has established coaching practices & Early Years Literacy Practice. Best practice – literacy Through comments on my blog, PLN & social media Mentor & Support networks Established a working relationship with a coach/teachers online.Sharing research/ reading & practiceComments on work, questions & directs further reading. Sharing her coaching practices.
Introduce something Web 2.0 to my staff. What will be useful? How something Web 2.0 can be used to support staff Through my Web 2.0 journey. PLN – Current media & reading. Introduction of something new or something used for a new purpose. A Wiki for a PLN.

Above is my Professional Development Plan for Web 2.0,2009. This is one of the documents I presented as part of my school review. It doesn’t look  like much, but I can assure you that for me it’s been huge. I’ve certainly been on a journey. What a ride, bumpy and all over the place in the beginning. I have achieved all my goals… and then some. I have acquired a new language and the confidence to move forward myself. Jenny Luca has been a fantastic mentor and I think the fact that I have achieved all my goals supports that.

Jenny has shared her knowledge with me and many others and I also thank her for that. One year ago I knew very little and now I know, how much I don’t know and more importantly what I don’t know. This may not make sense to everyone, but I’m now skilled enough to actually understand how much more I have to learn and where I want to take my learning.

I am able to ask the right questions and understand the answers most of the time. My confidence has developed to the point where I’ll have a try at anything. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try something new or seek help. I have been amazed by the educators who have shared their knowledge with me. That concept of ‘intellectual ownership’ hasn’t existed.  I  understand what 21st Century teaching and learning should ‘look, feel and sound like’ and I am ready to take this step. So once again, thank you Jenny! Oh yeah, there have been times when I’ve questioned what I’m doing, but when I reflect I am so pleased that I can relate and communicate in this new world.

Cheers Nina  Ha, I can’t get this chart to sit nicely on this post. You just can’t have it all!


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