‘Media literacy education should not be seen as just another burden on an already crowded curriclum.’ Dr Patricia Edgar – Now that makes sense!

I have been reading an article written by Dr Patricia Edgar and I’ve decided to share what I believe are her key beliefs and what I found reaffirming. What caught my eye was this statement: ‘Media literacy education should not be seen as just another burden on an already crowded curriculum.’

I’ve been hearing this a bit lately and I’m beginning to think that many teachers feel so over whelmed by Web 2.0 that they don’t take that first step, asking someone for help.  I’m using the statement, ‘From Little Things, Big Things Grow’ a lot lately, because it sums up my learning experience and one I’m now sharing with others.  Web 2.0 for me has been about baby steps and a mentor. I have immersed myself in everything, made mistakes along the way and grown professionally. I’m far more patient which has been an interesting outcome from my experience. I actually understand how hard that first step is.

The key points I have taken from this article are:

  • ‘We now live in the information age with young digital natives accepting digital technology as casually as we did pencil and paper.
  • Media literacy education should not be seen as just another burden on an already crowded curriculum, using technology effectively is fundamental to life today as traditional literacy skills.
  • Experts are calling for media literacy in four main areas, covering children’s ability to: access the media; understand the media they access; create their own media content and learn through the media-
  • Building on media content to enhance learning.
  • As children are spending more and more time online, education policy needs to embrace the positive potential media offer
  • Incorporating what students are doing into the school curriculum holds the promise of keeping students engaged in learning. ‘ 

Any statement relating to student engagement always grabs my attention because we all know students who aren’t engaged will not maximise their potential.

Dr Patricia Edgar’s latest book is The New Child: In search of smarter grown-ups.  


I’ts report writing time, but I’m still hoping to post regularly. Thanks for the comments and e-mails. I hope you find Dr Edgar’s ideas as  interesting as I have.

Cheers Nina

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