Twitter: You’re No One if You’re Not On Twitter! or so they say. Come on – follow me! @ninadavis

Here I am telling my young adult (makes me feel better when I stress young ….and I was obviously very, very young when I had her) daughter about Twitter.  And her words were, ‘I can’t believe you’re on Twitter before me!’ Ha! So the young are not the only ones out there twittering, face booking and MSN-ing! The world is changing! and I’m @ninadavis. I’ve got a massive 12 followers. I have noted that some people have thousands, but I’m sure I’ll have many soon. So far, my tweets have been to myself ,or so I thought, until I realised that my recipients have been receiving. Jenny Luca sent me a message that said, ‘You’re not talking to yourself, I can hear you!’ The lights came on at that very moment and I think (hesitantly) that I understand Twitter and I think, just maybe, this could be fun!

So follow me and I’ll follow you – sounds like a song doesn’t it. I’ll keep everyone posted on my Twittering, following, twhirling and followers. Next problem: Can’t get this Twhirl ‘thing’ to work or my photo to show!

Cheers Nina  ( Love this utube ) Update29 following  me and I’m following 52. Obama twits- amazing!

Additional Comments: Its Tweets not Twits!  Latest Stats: 42 following me and I’m following 63.


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2 responses to “Twitter: You’re No One if You’re Not On Twitter! or so they say. Come on – follow me! @ninadavis

  1. Welcome to Twitter! Your avatar is working now and your followers have already more than doubled.

    • averil2

      Yes, 29 following- Amazing! Nice to see you at my home base…. and now I’m following some great educators. Cheers Nina

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