What is a family? What is a school? How does a five year old answer these questions?

Below is a summary of my student’s thoughts about families and schools. I’ve scribed their ideas as they were said. We will continue to add reflections as we continue our inquiry. I was impressed by how willing my student’s were to share their ideas.

I belong to family. What is a family?

-some families are bigger.

-some families look different.

-families have different coloured hair.

-families do different things.

-some dads and mums live in different countries but visit and talk a lot.

-some children live with their mum only and teddy.

-some children live with mummy, daddy, brothers, dogs, birds and ducky.

-some children live with just their dad, sister and brother.

-some families talk differently.

-some families speak different languages.

-some children live with a step dad and mum one week and a dad and step mum the next week.

-families are different.


I belong to a school. Why do you go to school?

-being happy, having fun and learning

-and listening to teachers too.

-so you can paint and have lots of books read to you.

-working really hard and doing your best.

-going to music and learning.

-going to the library.

-doing art in the art room.

-French: you can say bonjour.

-sport: running and playing games.

-you go to school to learn.

-you go to school to make friends.

-because mum’s work and can’t play, so you come to school to play.

-to learn to read and write.

-so you can make things.

-to play computer games.

-you go to the library.

-school is for little children.



Self Portraits- Just beautiful!

Cheers Nina


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