Let Them ‘Do’: Creative Children are Vibrant Individuals

I love to see vibrant classrooms displaying children’s artwork, whatever the age. With our ‘crowded curriculum’ and the pressure to teach the 3 R’s coupled with assessment, it is this vital part of our program which is often sacrificed.

Young children, in fact, all primary students need to create. Parents need to understand that creating art and craft works is an important part of learning, not just something done in the Art Room. Many of our student’s future careers will be in the ‘creative industry’. Displaying children’s artworks is a celebration of their creativity.



Inspiration  for our mural came from photos taken on our exploration of rock pools at Moondah Beach.  As part of our Inquiry into Sustainability -Living and Non Living, we had ‘hands on’ sensory based activities in the ‘real environment’.







Murals allow children to contribute to a large piece of art work. Each student’s contribution is valued.




When planning my program e.g. a book response, I like to include  written, sensory, oral, artistic and dramatic activities. My desire is to develop the ‘whole child’ !

Cheers Nina

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