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i=Change- The Business of Giving Back: RetailGlobal Conference 2016! Did you know in the retail world I am an INFLUENCER?

This week I attended the  RetailGlobal Australian conference, something very new for me. I found out that I’m part of a group called influencers. This means that I can influence others via my blog to support organisations and I do!

One session I attended was called The Business Of Giving Back presented by Jeremy Meltzer. Jeremy is the founder of the organisation called i=Change. When you buy online from a supporting brand the i=Change platform will appear on the brand’s site and you simply choose where to send the brand’s donation! The donation is $1 and 100% of funds raised go to development projects. Visit the site and have a look at the retailers who are supporting i=Change and buy from them.

As a teacher I’m always looking for balance. Yes, the conference was about online retail but the notion of giving back was something I heard often. Philanthropy and business seem to mix well and that’s powerful.


Cheers Nina

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