Working with Mark: Mentor Text- Be a Better Writer by Steve Peha

be-a-better-writer-2Last year I started working with Mark and I have to say working with a Year 11 student has been an opportunity to explore the secondary English curriculum. I chose to use Steve Peha’s Be a Better Writer as my mentor text. Steve’s book can be used from early primary to adult despite being recommended for Ages 10 to 16.

I’ve been working with Steve, who has shared many amazing resources with me which I have shared with others. Steve would like me to co-write with him as he believes this is the kind of book/paper teachers want. Wow… I consider myself a teacher not necessarily a writer but if I could contribute something to a paper which actually changes how a student thinks of themselves as a writer and reader then I should.

One year ago I started working with a very bright student who struggled to get his thoughts on paper and I am so pleased to share these results one year later.



I’ll be catching up with Mark next week to start breaking down Steve’s chapter on Better Sentences.

Cheers Nina

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