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Mother’s Day Cards- 6,7 & a few 8 year old children write beautiful messages and draw their mothers… Making a special activity relevant to a learning need!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s lovely for the children to make something for their mother but equally this activity is an extra planned into a busy week. My aim is to┬áplan these special activities relevantly in my program to meet the learning needs of my students. The children wanted to make a card so they became illustrators. They needed to write something special for mum to put in their card and a sentence to put on their gift. This became an authentic writing task for my students. I’ve included pictures of their little gift and beautiful cards.

Leadership PD and Mother's Day 023Leadership PD and Mother's Day 024

Leadership PD and Mother's Day 011

Leadership PD and Mother's Day 019

Leadership PD and Mother's Day 014

Above: A special crayon with a special message for mum.

Leadership PD and Mother's Day 020

Cheers Nina

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