Recent Presentation: Using data to plan a reading program which meets the needs of all learners.

First post for a while! Teachers in Victoria, Australia (for my international readers) return to school this Monday coming, so it seems timely that I put this post up. I’ve actually written several unfinished posts and they should be finished and posted soon.

Recently I gave a presentaion to a group of educators directed at using initial data to plan a reading program to meet the needs of all children. My presentation included an outline of the main strategies included in a balanced reading program and how my team support each other via planning. I also revisited Piaget with this group. It’s interesting that all members of this group had studied Piaget at some stage, but after having teaching experience they could understand the constructivist theory and how it underpins student learning.

I’ve included the powerpoint used for my reading presentation. My next presentation is in a few weeks to another group of educators and is focussed on using data to plan a writing program which meets the identified needs of all students. I’ll share my presentation once delivered.

Cheers Nina

P.S One ‘typo’ in the presentation! Can you find it?

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