The Briars: Our First Prep Adventure Into the Community

Today our Prep children went on their first school excursion. From the moment we lined up to board the bus the excitement built. It’s such a wonderful experience for these young children to be very grown up, manage their belongings, ride in a bus and participate in our local Mornington Peninsula School’s Environment Week which was established 30 years ago, or so I’ve been told. Our students attended the Expo Paddock which was represented by local businesses and community groups providing ‘hands on’ experiences for our children to learn about their local environment and sustainability.
PD’s Monash Intern Belinda and I showed the children that we are fearless with nature. Belinda knows the following photos will appear here, and I have promised to include me. The wet, cool conditions did not dampen our or our student’s enthusiasm. Tomorrow we will use this common experience to complete a PrepD Student Led Interactive Writing session. A report will follow soon.

Environment Week has been running for many years and this would not have been possible without the support of many companies and organisations. To enable us to bring the best programs and exhibits to you and still make it affordable to all students we rely on our sponsors’ fantastic support. Some companies set up and man activities, some give financial assistance and others do both. We would like to especially thank our two major sponsors Mornington Peninsula Shire and Bluescope and would also like to mention the wonderful assistance that we have received from Bunnings and Woolworths. This year we have natural Systems providing the composting toilets for a much reduced fee. They will also be demonstrating the process in their Dunny Door Project.

A little nervous: And just mentioning we had been rained on! First for the year – a parker under a raincoat. Autumn in Melbourne!

Cheers Nina

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