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Instructional Rounds: Victoria, Australia

This week I’ll be joining a large group of principals from the Central Peninsula Network, Victoria, Australia for an Instructional Round taking place at a network school. Before completing an Instructional Round, I review my notes to make sure I’m prepared for the day. This will be my 7th Instructional Round.

“The focus of Rounds must be on problems of practice. An important part of the process is creating mechanisms for continuous learning. Instructional Rounds focuses on teaching NOT the teachers and requires members to practice skills of observation and debriefing. We need to use Rounds to go beyond the “land of nice’ and move into a culture of challenge.” Background Information – Bob Stephens: Assistant Regional Director, Southern Metropolitan Region, Victoria.

To support schools introducing Instructional Rounds my Teacher Professional Leave partner and I created a number of videos. The video inserted in this post is an introduction to Instructional Rounds. It’s had 914 views which amazes us.

The second video was created as a reflection of the Southern Metropolitan Region Instructional Rounds Pilot program 2010. I would like to note that our film skills are improving.

And finally, my Teacher Professional Leave partner and I created the Instructional Rounds, Best Teacher Practice, E5 Model Professional Learning Network. This is a global space where educators can collaborate, connect and share their experiences and resources. The ning currently has 262 members from numerous parts of the globe. Our role is to host and moderate this PLN. Regular messages are broadcasted via the ning to ensure members are aware of current content. The link is provided below:

Link: http://instructionalroundsineducation.ning.com/

“It is what teachers think, what teachers do, and what teachers are, at the level of the classroom that ultimately shapes the kind of learning that young people get”. Andy Hargreaves & Michael Fullan

“You don’t change performance without changing the instructional core. The relationship of the teacher and the student in the presence of content must be at the centre of all efforts to improve performance”. Elmore 2007

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Numeracy – Inspired by Masterchef: Creating and Making – A simple post!

Inspired by Masterchef, the children had to plate a meal with specific ingredients: 17 peas, 7 potatoes, 11 small sausages and 19 baby carrots. These meals aren’t fully plated.

Cheers Nina

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