Best Practice must be Shared! Here’s some great practice shared by a colleague!

I just got an email from a colleague who has been reading my blog. I receive emails more than comments now which is fantastic. My blog is enabling me to make connections with some obviously very dedicated and wonderful teachers. It’s becoming a sharing community. Sue sent me an email and I have taken a little part of it to share and I’m sure she won’t mind.

‘Have you discovered ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson?  I became very familiar with the books by this author while in England.  Others are “Gruffalo’s Child” and Room on the Broom. There are quite a few, but I chose “The Gruffalo” to begin the year.   My twin  grand daughters (only 2 years old) were eager to quote huge chunks of the story, while I read to them daily.   I began my Preps this year with the focus on being brave and confident enough to approach new situations. I introduced the story and they just loved it.  By chance, it was also a great way of introducing rhyme to them, especially in reference to the content in Prep English on Line assessments rhyming words… snake/lake. They are now all making the same connection from the story. My Preps are now asking for the story to be read to them over and over again. Even the parents have commented how interested some children have become in books and are talking about a great story they heard at school.  You know how initially Preps rarely tell their parents what they have done at school! An excellent new DVD of the story (30 mins only) will soon be released for sale in Australia featuring voices of many well-known actors.  I obtained a copy while in England and the revised story, music and animation is amazing.’

Thank you Sue – You know who you are. I don’t know this book but I’m going to find it because I love the teaching ideas that you are developing. It’s interesting to note that we’ve both been teaching for many years and still have that enthusiasm and desire to learn and improve our practice. I’ve been completing the ‘English on Line’ assessment as well and it has been interesting to see how challenging rhyme is for young children. I wrote a post some time ago and thought visitors to this post might like to read it – follow this link : Young children are born poets: Why poetry, rhyme and chant is essential for all children but crucial for the struggling reader!

 Once again thanks for your comments and emails and keep them coming. Let me know if you’re happy to have your ideas shared.

 Cheers Nina


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2 responses to “Best Practice must be Shared! Here’s some great practice shared by a colleague!

  1. Sue

    Hi Nina,
    What a surprise to check your post today and find my comments!I was so delighted that you wish to share my thoughts on your post.
    I am very excited about ‘The Gruffalo’ and the interest it has created. I forgot to also add. I have already begun to use the ‘hot seat’ technique, where children sit in the ‘hot seat’ and become the characters in the story. Other class members ask questions of the character. Some of the questions asked and answers given are very entertaining and really give an insight into a child’s understanding of a story.
    I’ll keep you posted on further developments.
    Thanks again for all your inspiration. I am happy for you to share my comments. I regularly make reference in our group meetings to your wonderful ideas or recommend to teachers to read your recent posts to improve their practice.

    • averil2

      Hi Sue,
      I’m pleased putting your comment in this post was OK. I’ve been finding out about this character and books. I love the ‘hot seat’ too and hope it’s alright if I use this idea as well. I never thought that having a blog would lead to the sharing of ideas that it has or the connections I’ve made globally. This post has had many hits. Thanks for leaving a comment and I’ll keep in touch. If you ever feel like contributing a post to this blog, please do. I’ll let you know how our e5 Instructional Model TPL develops. Some great stuff happening.
      Cheers Nina

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