Why blog? One Year in…

It’s fair to say that there are differing opinions among my colleagues about why I and many others blog. I used to feel a little ‘miffed’ when colleagues questioned me, now I don’t. I write in order to reflect and reflect so I can write. I share my practice openly and have found that others share their practice with me.

My teaching and learning has changed because I have been able to make contact and share with educators globally. The pool of knowledge and experience I have been able to access has been enormous. My professional development, which is substantial, has not cost my school anything.

I started blogging on the 18th of January, 2009. Yesterday was my 1st anniversary. When I started, I wondered if anyone would be interested in what I do, would anyone ever leave a comment and was it worth the risk of putting myself and my teaching practice ‘out there’.

Now, when I read my first post, I think ‘wow’, I’ve really changed my practice. I have a deeper pedagogical understanding of how students learn and have accessed and read the research of many of education’s great thinkers.   

My First Year of Blogging Statistics:

I have written 124 posts.

There are 169 comments made.

I have had 17, 059 hits.

My 2009 Cluster Map (Archived)  

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing what you do with me.  Take the time to watch this video which was posted on Lucacept. I think all teachers should view this. We can get so ‘bogged down’ in the small things and forget the big picture.  Love his comment, ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. 

Cheers Nina

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