Student Porfolios: ‘To be or not to be included’ What does a Prep student (5&6 year old) have in their portfolio?

The debate continues: What is the purpose of a portfolio and what should be in it? There are definitely different ‘thinking camps’. So what do I think? I’ve included photos of student pieces included in a portfolio.


My prep portfolios consist of a collection of each student’s work, that show performance and growth. Also included is a record of first draft writing and published writing. I love to include photos of students and their of special art work. And ‘yes’, I include assessment pieces to be discussed at our Student Led Interviews (another post).

Photos below: Evidenced writing development of a student for Semester 1. (1st draft)




It’s also important that students select some pieces of work to include in their portfolio. This is totally up to each student and ‘yes’ I do feel the urge to remove some of their choices, but I don’t!





A Prep (5&6 year old) portfolio is different to the portfolio of an older child. Older children are able to develop criteria for selection and are definitely more capable of organising their choices.

Assessment pieces are labeled in terms of ‘ I can ….’ and relate to planned assessment tasks. My teaching pratice is very ‘open’, enabling parents to view assessment pieces, be present if they desire and discuss their child ‘s progress as frequently as desired.  


My student’s are very proud of their work and their portfolio is their own. It’s a lovely book full of memories that can be enjoyed by both students and their families for years to come. It is also a ‘working document’ that is used to display and evidence  student development. 

Cheers Nina

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