Camille – Our French Exchange Student: Language Experience in an Australian Prep Class

Our French teacher organised each Prep grade to have their very own special French exchange student. Camille is ours and she spends a week with each student in the grade and her visits are recorded to share with us. It amazes me how welcome Camille is in each home and the wonderful adventures she has.


Camille spent her very first week with me. This gave future families a taste of the lovely time their child could have with Camille. Camille becomes a big part of her host family’s daily life. She has been to the optometrist to have her eyes checked, the fish market, shopping for groceries, learning the guitar, meeting Paddington Bear, relaxing by the pool, meeting family pets, playing at the beach and catching up with the other exchange students and so much more.




The other host students are Pierre, Pascale and Lou Lou. The fact that Pierre is a frog, and Lou Lou is a poodle just doesn’t seem to matter. Camille has only had one accident and some minor surgery when she became very good friends with a dog, but that’s part of her adventure. Our French teacher has written a lovely book about Camille’s family in Paris. I can see a children’s book in this.



This lovely idea has become a very exciting part of my student’s week. They look forward to hearing about Camille’s adventures and it’s great that the parents are so involved and supportive of Camille. I often have a laugh with our French teacher about how attached we are to Camille. Camille is spending the holidays with my family and will be skiing at Mount Hotham. I wonder if she’ll be a snowboarder or a skier. Stay posted!



One family said that Camille told them she wanted to follow the Kangaroos but she was being polite. She is definitely a St Kilda Football Club supporter.  Go Saints!

Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “Camille – Our French Exchange Student: Language Experience in an Australian Prep Class

  1. Adele H

    Hi Nina,

    I just wanted to say a big ‘THANKS’ to you for your blog. I started reading your blog today and have read back every entry to the start of this year because I couldn’t stop myself from learning more and more information! 🙂

    • averil2

      Thanks for the motivating comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. Let me know anything specific that you would like to know more about. Always happy to share. Cheers Nina

  2. jennylu

    I love Camille! A wonderful idea to create a connected learning experience for the children. Can’t wait to see Camille on skis. : )

    • averil2

      Thanks Jenny,
      I’m sure Camille will enjoy her holiday. I’m sure she’ll fly over the jumps and befriend a snowman!
      Cheers Nina

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