Interactive Writing- 5 & 6 year olds are teachers, learners & leaders!


‘Interactive writing involves the teacher and small groups of students jointly composing a large print text on a subject of interest to the students and sharing responsibility for the recording at various points in the writing. Teachers quickly record the words that students know how to write, and engage students in problem solving and recording the words that provide challenges and opportunities for new learning. This eases the transition to independent writing by: · making explicit how written language works · constructing words using orthographic and phonological knowledge · producing a text that can be read again.’ Sofweb

Language Experience: This week we had a snowman visit our grade, we observed, measured, wondered and recorded our snowman’s visit. Our shared experience became the topic for our Interactive Writing session for this week.  Group leaders were selected and total control was handed over to the children. They had to negotiate and form their own sentence/s for the first time. I am thrilled by their development as writers. My role was to observe, listen and stay in the backgound. The childen were the teachers, learners and leaders.






Cheers Nina

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