Everyday Science: How long does it take for a snowman to melt?

One of my students decided to bring a surprise and new friend back from Mount Hotham. He packed him in an esky,  put him in a fridge and brought him to school. Here he is!


Many of my students have not seen or felt a snowman, so this was very exciting. They touched him and talked about how cold he was, how solid he was and how long it would take him to melt. Student Question: How long would it take for our snowman to melt? We took photos every hour and recorded  how he changed.


First he lost his arms and an eye and started to shrink. He was still ‘hanging in there’ at 3.30pm when the children had to go home. They said their goodbyes to our snowman and we think he disappeared.


The children discussed a number of science concepts and new language was discovered!

Cheers Nina

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One response to “Everyday Science: How long does it take for a snowman to melt?

  1. Jacinta M

    It was good to see the product before it melted! The kids were really excited when they came in yesterday to find that he had completely melted!

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