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6,7 and a few 8 Year olds take their parents ‘ON A TOUR OF MY LEARNING’

This week we had Student-Led-Tours. The parents have a booklet which contains the following:

‘Let me take you on a tour of my learning…

  • I will start by telling you about our Essential Agreement

Units of Inquiry:

  • Share my learning


I will:

  • Show you different tools I use to help me spell words.
  • Share strategies I use to help me understand what I am reading.
  • Share a piece of narrative writing and talk about the features and structure.


I will:

Show you what I have been learning about number. This is what I am learning now and these are some of the tools I can use.

Explain how shapes describe my world. This is what I am learning about shape.

It’s wonderful to hear the mature way these young children explain their learning and show their workbooks etc. to their parents. My role was to observe. Total control of the tour is given to the students.

Activities were left for children to demonstrate their learning with their parents and for the parents to ‘have a go’ as well. When planning we wanted the parents to experience a comprehension task. We chose Goldilocks and the Three Bears as our text because most parents would be familiar with the story.

The parents with their children had two questions to answer. The children enjoyed this activity.

How might the story have been different if Goldilocks had visited the three fish?

Do you think Goldilocks was good or bad? Why do you think so?

Here are some of the answers to the above questions:

Student Led Tour 017

Student Led Tour 018

Student Led Tour 019

Student Led Tour 034

Student Led Tour 040

Cheers Nina

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Our Prep Student Led Tour: 5&6 Year Olds sharing their learning authentically…

Today we had our first Prep Student Led Tour. My students were very excited and were prepared to talk about their learning with their special invited people. The room was buzzing and it was lovely to hear the children explaining their school day.

Enjoy this Quality Time with Each Other

 This tour is a chance for you to share your child’s learning.

 Make this day into a celebration of your child’s successes.

 Please remember to have FUN during this time. Enjoy the opportunity to spend time with your child.

 Use this booklet as a guide for the session. It provides you with prompts to stimulate discussion.

 This is a student-led tour, therefore your child is responsible for sharing their learning with your support, based on the age and stage of learning.

 At the end of this time, please complete the ‘Parent Feedback Form’ at the back of this booklet and return it to school the following day. It will provide us with valuable feedback.

The children were prepared to talk about the points listed below.

Let me take you on a tour of my learning…

In this tour, I suggest you spend time in my classroom sharing my learning in each of the curriculum areas and then moving to the specialist rooms for the rest of my tour.

Units of Inquiry: ““How We Organise Ourselves” and “How We Express Ourselves”

I will:

 Explain how my classroom is organised

 Show and explain some signs and symbols in the classroom


I will:

 Share my writing book with you and explain how I write a sentence

 Show you what I have learnt about how to write (i.e. full stops and capital letters)

 Show you how my writing has changed

 Show what I read, and where I read in the classroom.

 Take you on a ‘Reading Walk”


I will:

 Show you how I make a pattern

 Tell you what a pattern is

 Show you what I am learning in Maths

Cheers Nina

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