Steve Peha: Be a Better Writer – When are you coming to Australia Steve?


I’ve been incorporating Steve Peha’s writing strategies into my writing teaching for many years. I don’t have a huge amount of Facebook friends but I’m pleased Steve is one of them! You’ll find some amazing support here… Also when Angela Stockman recognises a literacy leader, I listen! Another Facebook friend! 🙂


Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “Steve Peha: Be a Better Writer – When are you coming to Australia Steve?

  1. Nina, thankyou for featuring me here. Your blog is fantastic. Now, on the Australia visit, I’m working several angles. I need a few more good folks like you around the country to put a “teaching tour” together. Let’s Skype some time soon and strategize a little.

    • nina davis

      Absolutely… My blog is a very simple place for teachers to visit. I’ve made many connections with some wonderful people. I’m a learner here with other learners. I’ve discovered a long the way that teaching has no borders. We’re all trying to do the same thing to the best of our ability. Take a look at the IB philosophy, as the IB (you may already know) is a growing organisation in Australia. I’ll start putting the word out! I’m about ‘giving back’ and your influence on my teaching has been for many years. So, I’ll do whatever I can do to support you as you have supported others for many years. I was always amazed that you offered incredible resources for no cost. Thank you!

      Cheers Nina

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