Question: What does learning Maths look like? How best will we learn? Visible Thinking & Learning!

I asked my students to write on sticky notes what they thought learning Maths looked like. After our poster was finished we discussed their ideas and related their ideas to our Learning Cycle. The children were able to talk about our learning cycle and relate our school cycle to numeracy.

The Learning Cycle enables me to reflect when planning. I need to be able to answer these questions!

What do I want my students to know / learn? How best will they learn? How will I know they know what has been taught?

Learner Cycle

Jan 2015 032

Jan 2015 033

Jan 2015 038

Jan 2015 035

Jan 2015 039

Making learning explicit to our students in all areas of the curriculum is essential.

Cheers Nina


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9 responses to “Question: What does learning Maths look like? How best will we learn? Visible Thinking & Learning!

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  2. abyssbrain

    Nice post.

    As long as the students are not bored with the math lessons, I think that they would enjoy learning math.

    Most of my math teachers before have the talent to make the most interesting topics so dull haha. That’s why even though math is my best subject, it’s my least favorite subject as well…

    Well, we actually had only very few enthusiastic math teachers and every time we had one, my classmates generally scored better in math.

    • nina davis

      I agree! My students love math. They are able to articulate what they are learning, teach each other, understand the continuum and organize their learning activities and participate in workshops. I also love teaching math! 🙂

  3. Thank you Nina. Good techie detective skills. Love my school, students and colleagues.

  4. Great Nina how you shared this learning cycle diagram with your kids. I teach Year 5 and will share this with my students next week on the first day of our new term. Would like to see their thinking and interpretations.

    • nina davis

      Hi, We use this cycle with all year levels. I’m happy to share some other items you could use with your senior students. I’ll visit your blog and email you some ideas.
      Cheers Nina

    • nina davis

      Ok… you must be starting a blog. Can you send me your email and I’ll share via that. Cheer Nina

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