Christmas and a Goat….

My students live in a beautiful part of the world and they know it! They are an amazing group of young learners and today they demonstrated this. Each year I give my students a little gift, but this year one of my colleagues and I decided that maybe we could do something else. Instead of buying each student a gift we bought them a goat.
Today was our last day together, so we sat our students down and explained that they would not be getting a gift from us this year but we had bought them something else.
When we told them we’d bought them a goat they were excited. We explained that our goat would be given to a disadvantaged village in the world. They asked interesting questions and were thrilled. The goat is called Jayda after the two grades and each child was given a copy of the email to share with their families.

Xmas 2013 075

Today my students took home their Christmas bags full of Christmas goodies they had made in the classroom. They don’t miss out!

Xmas 2013 067

Xmas 2013 057

Xmas 2013 061

Thanks for the emails and comments and I wish all a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday….

Cheers Nina

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