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Christmas Ideas – Now these are cute!

Every year I put a photo story CD together for my students. The photo story starts from day one and represents our year. It also allows me to delete the photos on my computer, and free up some space. I’ve been doing this for five years  as one of my gifts for the children. It’s amazing how the children grow and change in one year. I use Photostory 3 to put the story together. I find this program very easy to use in terms of importing photos,  adding a soundtrack and photo transitions.

Our school Visual Arts program is wonderful, and I’ve included photos of a couple of Christmas items the children have made. The children have a Christmas bag, and everything they make is put into their Christmas bag ensuring that everything makes it home in one piece.

We finish our school year tomorrow in Victoria, Australia. I’ll summarise my professional development in my next post, but I already know 2011 will be another busy year. I’ll expand on this soon. To my ‘Aussie’ colleagues enjoy your last school day for 2010.

Cheers Nina


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