ATLAS – Looking at Student Work

Once again my thanks go to Mark Walker, who has been a great knowledge provider in the Instructional Rounds learning community. Mark has pointed my TPL colleague Jenni and me in the direction of another great resource. I believe when ATLAS is completed as a pre round activity or as a team / unit activity at school enhanced questioning and observation of student work will result. It also would help answer the direct, where to from here?  ATLAS provides succinct protocols for learning from student work. I draw you attention to the following link ATLAS which details the protocols of ATLAS.

“Learning from Student Work is a tool to guide groups of teachers discovering what students understand and how they are thinking. The tool, developed by Eric Buchovecky, is based in part on the work of the Leadership for Urban Mathematics Project and of the Assessment Communities of Teachers Project. The tool also draws on the work of Steve Seidel and Evangeline Harris-Stefanakis of Project Zero at Harvard University. Revised November 2000 by Gene Thompson-Grove for NSRF.”


Cheers Nina

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