How the internet can save time and money for parents…

Two reasons why the internet is GREAT for parents…

1. My recently turned 16-year-old son has shown me yet again why the internet is a great resource. His friends from school live in many different suburbs as most travel to school. He also has friends who are overseas visiting relatives for the holidays. I asked him recently why he was becoming nocturnal and his reply was that his friend from school was in England and he and group of mates have been meeting in an internet game to catch up. They regularly do this and chat while playing. Their game playing is very social. All have microphones / headphones and apart from the cost of the internet, their talking is free, no matter where their friends are in the world. No need for texting!

2. This christmas my son wanted two particular items for his computer. He had researched the parts, found the cheapest place to buy them and told me where I needed to go. Much to my surprise he also said that he had ordered the parts and they were being held. Well, address in hand  I headed off to a computer shop in a very industrial area of Clayton. I found the shop among the factories and walked in to find a very well-appointed office. After a short wait I sat down and said my son had ordered some items. Yes, I was a little skeptical! I said my son’s name, it was typed into the computer and then the salesperson went out the back and returned with the items packaged and the invoice ready.

Amazing! And ‘yes’ there needs to be balance, so as long as the internet is in balance with other life areas, as a parent I’m happy.

Cheers Nina

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