10 000 Visits: Thanks!

I’ve taken some time to re-read many of my posts and I can see my own journey. My teaching is changing as my learning grows…and that’s got to be worthwhile! My teaching has grown so much since my first post which I would totally re-write now, but I’m leaving it as it serves as a reminder of where I’ve come from. Please continue to visit, read my reflections, send e-mails, comment and most importantly challenge my ideas and share yours! I said in one of my previous posts that I would include some pictures of my student’s illustrations in their little Language Experiece book about the CSIRO visit. Here they are!




I love the detail the children are putting in their illustrations. They know that their pictures will help others read their book.

Cheers Nina

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One response to “10 000 Visits: Thanks!

  1. jennylu

    Congratulations on making 10,000 + hits Nina. You are really firing with what you are doing here. You’ve been a great student!!

    Yoda. : )

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