The ‘why?’-‘what?’-‘how?’ of Language Experience (& Play Based Learning): The Prep Classroom-5&6 Year Olds

I’ve been asked to co-facilitate a day of the Literacy Leader’s Course for my region.  Specifically, I’m speaking about the Language Experience Approach, my understanding of this approach and what it sounds like, looks like and ‘is like’ in ‘real’ practice- my classroom. I’ll be sharing my planning for this session here.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to share my passion and maybe even motivate others to start or continue their journey. Why has putting this session together been so challenging? Basically the ‘what’ is easy and as teachers we are constantly being given the ‘what?’ The ‘why?’ isn’t hard either because the ‘why?’ is based on research into best practice.

Like everything it’s the ‘how’ that is difficult to explain. I’ve had to basically describe and define my teaching practice as I am what is known as ‘unconsciously skilled’.  Language Experience is not clearly defined as classroom practice anywhere. There is a lot of research and ‘bits’ of practice, but not a ‘how to’ model or manual in terms of a ‘whole’ literacy approach. My job is to provide this.

I have decided to define Language Experience as an ‘Interwoven’ approach to teaching literacy. I’ll be posting my ‘why?’ what? and ‘how?’ soon. Thanks for visiting and if you have something to share with me – email.


Cheers Nina

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