MORE Literacy Websites for Primary Students! Some great resources so check them out!

Here are some more great websites to explore and a number of these are for older students. Cheers Nina

Useful because…

Fantastic site for students with little to no English. Easy to navigate, relies on visual prompts rather than written instructions. Contains hundreds of activities; mainly fine motor skills, creativity/self expression, plus some literacy/numeracy/thinking.

Simple literacy & numeracy activities, categorised into primary grade levels. Requires some English to understand instructions.

Contains interactive numeracy/literacy-building activities on topics such as alphabet, numbers, shapes & keyboard skills. Nice big, colourful text & easy to navigate.

Bright & colourful site with cute games for building skills in literacy, numeracy, thinking, problem solving, fine motor skills, memory & creativity.

Highly visual site containing literacy/numeracy building activities. Can be navigated with little to no English.

=Very simple site with LARGE text & images, covering very basic concepts, eg. alphabet, numbers, colour & shape. Limited selection, but easy to understand & use. Also has flash stories, sing-a-longs & a section for parents.

Games, stories, activites etc. with (possibly) recognisable characters, eg the Wiggles, Bananas in Pyjamas etc. Students can choose activities by theme or character.

Contains games & lab activities to develop motor skills & reinforce basic concepts, eg. number, shape, colour, letter & sound recognition. Bright & colourful, heaps to choose from but some English needed to navigate.

Includes games, songs, stories & writing activities. Games are theme based, from basic (numbers, alphabet) to more advanced (environment, ancient Egypt etc) Some English needed to navigate site & follow instructions.

Includes sections for grammar, spelling, pronunciation, listening etc. Also lots of games, games,puzzles, activities etc. students can do on their own. Students need some literacy & independent working skills to navigate site & read instructions


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